Wednesday 18 March 2015

"The Ravening Deep" Teasers

Just before the release of List of the Dead, I posted an announcement for the title of the next book in this series, The Ravening Deep.

You may remember that at the time I did not provide any plot details, for fear of dropping spoilers about the major events which occurred at the end of List of the Dead.

Well... enough time has now passed!

Let's have some teasers...

  • Euryce Eilentes will be the flashback character in this volume, and as was strongly hinted at in List she will be coming into her own in major ways.
  • As far as the dreadships go, the heavy defeat suffered by the Empire at the end of List prefaces what is coming next.
  • The story unfolding on Guathelia, which so far has occupied only the prologues and epilogues, will collide with the main narrative.
  • Maber Castigon will also collide with the main story, in a way you might not expect.
  • You will hear more from Voice and The Emptiness, and also see more of Earth.

Deep is the middle volume of this five-part story, and it will very much be the Empire Strikes Back of the series. Dark days are ahead for our plucky protagonists!

Worlds Will Fall.

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