Thursday 30 July 2015

Announcement: Get to the Choppa!

It's an auspicious day!

I'm proud to announce that the official Armada Wars full web site is now up and running.

You'll notice the new site has its own blog (called "News" in the main menu), and you might well wonder what use two blogs are. Here are my thoughts on that:

Although it is branded as the Armada Wars blog, I've used this blog here for quite a lot of posts about my experiences as a new author, and writing posts advising other writers who are publishing virgins. I'll continue to do that here.

There will be some minor re-branding, but this will become the RCV blog, carrying articles and pointers relating to the writing experience.

All blog posts about the Armadaverse will now appear on the news page.

Old posts relating to the Armadaverse will remain here; for posterity, for link validity, and for the sake of Google's sanity.

And yes... there is already new news on the new news page. Go. Go now.

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