Sunday 15 November 2020

This Blog Now Replaced by my new Author Web Site

It's 6th June 2023, and this post is getting an update!

It's been wild, but this blog is now going to be replaced by my relaunched Patreon account my new author web site.

Blogger is something of a dinosaur, and there is no function on here I want to use that isn't easier and simpler on Patreon. Plus, of course, tiered patronage is a thing there.

The link to my Patreon account is here:

The new site is here: 

Part of the purpose for relaunching that account is to encourage me to get back into the habit of writing on a regular basis, whether it's fiction or not. Some Virtually all articles there will be free content, and I will likely be continuing some of the series of linked articles I started here (for example, 'Character School'.)

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